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Wi-fi hotspot not detected in Debian 10
I have been using LMDE 3 for the past 6 months now but I thought I would try Debian for a change. I am using a personal hotspot to access Wi-Fi Internet, and my SIM card is sitting inside my huge iPad. The great thing about LMDE is that my hotspot is detected, even if I am running it on a live USB. Sadly this is not the case when I tried to boot a live USB of Debian using any of the files at

Also, I been following the tutorials on how to get it working, such as the one at, but it seems that Debian doesn't even have Bluetooth.
Debian does have drivers for WiFi and Bluetooth. However what Debian does not have is proprietary drivers. Debian is completely free software, nothing proprietary at all by default. If you want to use devices for which no free drivers exist, you will have to provide and install them yourself. There are disc images which contain some non-free drivers, but often not the ones you actually need.

I recommend you use a wired network connection for the installation and install the drivers later.
Debian also has
"Here are some extra images, equivalent to the normal images we produce regularly except in that they also include non-free firmware to make things easier on some systems requiring proprietary but redistributable firmware."
I always use them, much easier.
The Mate version includes Bluetooth and Wifi that work out of the box for me.
you can drill down to the Live Non-Free ISOs with the desktop of choice installed.
Cinnamon 3.8,
GNOME 3.30,
KDE Plasma 5.14,
LXDE 0.99.2,
LXQt 0.14,
MATE 1.20,
Xfce 4.12.

If you Start with the non-free firmware ISO your repositories will be set to also pickup any security updates to the non-free packages.

If you are really a GNU fanatic you may wish to try PCLinuxOS ( I like it kinda.
Unfortunately it is also bloated (like Ubuntu/Mint) with a lot of cruft I have no use for, and has some garish "dark theme" that I dislike.

Welcome to the bigger world of Debian!


PS: I just viewed that video. His procedure might work... but lots of gyrations.
I personally dislike videos for things like this, hard to follow for me.
Considering you have little invested at this point I suggest a fresh install with the proper ISO.
> "Considering you have little invested at this point I suggest a fresh install with the proper ISO."

Yes, done that. I changed my mind about MATE and used the proper Cinnamon ISO to access the Internet via Bluetooth, then I followed Lenny's video to install the non-free Broadcom drivers and everything is working like a dream again. I disabled Bluetooth Internet after that.

I might try MATE again at a future point.

Many thanks!

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