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Asking Questions
Look folks, if you're going to reach out and ask a question then please ask a question: So many people equivocate, pontificate and procrastinate when writing an inquiry. It makes it hard to formulate a response. Be direct. It helps if you include details like what machine you're using, what distro you're running and what you're trying to figure out how to do. include error messages if at all possible... That helps to cut through a lot of crap. Too little info means someone will have to draw those details out of you and too much info means they will have to wade through a lot of verbiage just to figure out what you really want. It helps to remember that there are no stupid questions and nobody knows it all. Just ask...
-- Your Fearless Leader!

If one of the very knowledgeable forum members or admins would create a Question Guidelines post or FAQ for the forum that could be stickied, it could really help new users here in the forums.

It could include everything Joe just outlined, along with some basic terminal commands to fetch relevant info on hardware, system info, etc.... and perhaps info on checking and parsing system logs or systemd's journal.

Thank you for the work Joe, Jeremy and all of the knowledgeable and helpful forum members do!  I learn something new and helpful here all the time.

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