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Your First Time
What follows is an excerpt copied from an article I posted on my website a few months ago.

I was vaguely aware all this time of an alternative operating system called Linux. That was about all I knew about it: It was an alternative to Windows and Mac, and it was called Linux. Maybe I also knew it was free, but I don't recall for certain. What I'm sure I don't remember hearing was any reason to think I would prefer it Windows. Until, that is, shortly after I finished getting my second college degree in late 2012. In a forum that I was active in, the Windows folks would occasionally spar with the Mac folks, and during one such discussion a couple of Linux users chimed in to tout the superiority of their system, offering some arguments that looked good to me. In particular, they assured everyone that Linux was far superior in its resistance to malware. For me, the kicker was when they mentioned that a current version of Linux called Ubuntu was available for download to a DVD and could be installed with a dual-boot option. And, for an indefinite trial period, one could just boot from the DVD and use the system without doing anything at all to one's hard drive. Boot without the DVD, and you'd be back in Windows as if nothing had happened. And I thought: Yes, I want to try that. I'm a technophile. I like to play with new gadgets.

Making a bootable DVD was more complicated than I expected, but I eventually figured the process out. I put the disk in the drive, booted the computer, and there was Linux Ubuntu, ready for me to take it for a test drive. I took the disk out, booted again, and I was back in Windows. Disk in, reboot, and there was Ubuntu. So, I played with it for a few days.

One thing I had to check out was the available software. There was plenty, but for some of the programs I was using, there was no good Linux substitute, so I couldn't go Linux-only. I needed Windows to be available on occasion. That meant trying the dual boot. Well, I had plenty of space on my hard drive, so I figured, no problem if I made sure I had a good backup of all my data.

Big problem, it turned out. After the installation, my computer would not boot at all from the hard drive, only from the DVD. For the next couple of days I borrowed my wife's laptop to maintain my online presence while googling for a solution. It turned out the Linux installer had damaged a file in the hard drive's boot sector. Fortunately, there was a fairly easy fix, and I soon had my Windows back to normal. Once that was done, I decided I could wait indefinitely before trying Linux again.

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