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Error Creating PGP keys
Good Day Everyone

Has anyone else encounter the general error " couldn't generate PGP key not found."

I have done reinstall's of the software "seahorse" but no difference.

Any ideas?
Unfortunately, I could only find this, so I wonder if there is a bug:

I really only use the seahorse-nautilus plugin for a right-click to encrypt file option, and use the terminal for importing public keys. Sorry, I suggested it. Hope you find another solution soon!


I did see a Kleopatra app listed in the repository, which you mentioned using in Windows in your original PGP thread. I'm not sure if it is a Linux version of the Windows app, or if it offers different features. You may want to check it out.

GPA is another GUI for GnuPG. If Kleopatra doesn't pan out, maybe you'll have better luck with it. No promises Wink
GPA install starts at 13:38, GPA walk through at 16:50

Good Luck!

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