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a Bash question
(08-05-2019, 11:05 PM)Richard Wrote: The Arch Wiki page on feh offers the following examples of code for wallpaper images:

feh --randomize --bg-fill ~/.wallpaper/*

feh --bg-max --randomize ~/.wallpaper/* &

My question is: what is that "&" there for? I read about it somewhere in my bash studies several months ago but I can't remember what it is, neither can I find it anywhere on the Internet.


The '&' forks the process to the background. It is running, but your script continues anyway / your command line already accepts a new command.

Here is an example: If you execute 'firefox', you can not use that terminal window for anything else, unless you close firefox. If you execute 'firefox &', it will simply fork to the background and you can continue using that terminal window.
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