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My growing love affair with the LXDE desktop
When you first install it, it looks primitive. But it's like meeting a pretty girl on the beach---you are not sure what you have until later on, when you see her dressed up for dinner. LXDE is extremely customizable---to a point where you have a sophisticated desktop indeed.

One of the keys to this is the Openbox Configuration Tool. It allows for all kinds of things.

Here is a good web page that documents some of the possible changes you can make.

I have this desktop in an Arch machine. It's a mild expression of what I could do.

[Image: LXDE_desktop.jpg]

(And about the wallpaper. That is the Port Tampa Inn in Florida back around 1900. I was lucky enough to have been born when there were still some of these kinds of places operating. The food they served was usually devine. None of that frozen, deep-fat fried, crap you get today that restaurants call seafood. The old fat cooks back in the kitchens of these places turned out fresh food fit to die for.)

I have three virtual Arch machines running right now in Oracle VBox. A Mate desktop, an LXQt desktop, and an LXDE desktop. I still love the LXDE desktop. Maybe because it is the only desktop where I can have a different wallpaper for each workspace. The others use the same wallpaper for all of the workspaces.

When Ubuntu 16.04 on my main box reaches the end of it's lifespan, I will probably go with Arch. But as much as I like LXDE, I will probably opt for the Mate desktop. It seems to be the most stable. We will see.


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