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PC Freezing
(08-04-2019, 12:25 AM)Eurus Wrote: Pim:

How did you resolve your Timeshift issue?


Sorry you've had so much trouble with your LM experience so far. You could always reinstall Ubuntu 18.04 or another Linux OS if you continue to have LM issues. The GNOME desktop environment that Ubuntu 18.04 comes with might take a little getting used to coming from Windows.

Ubuntu Mate has a lot of different built in panel layouts under their Mate Tweak tool. There is even a Redmond layout that should be close enough to a Windows XP/7 layout. If you try Ubuntu Mate, I would recommend trying version 18.04 first because you said regular Ubuntu 18.04 ran fine on the PC.

I also recommend checking out Peppermint OS or Linux Lite. If you still don't have any luck, antiX seems to run on just about anything.

If you try LM 19.2, it is probably best to just do a fresh install instead of an upgrade.

Hope something works for you. Also, way to stay positive!

Good Luck!

Well...i didn't solve the timeshift problem.....i know how to diagnose stuff...... I upgraded to Mint 19.2 and haven't had the problem so far.

Wel, this was my solution.. When the crashes occurred i, indeed, needed a hard reboot. Nothing helpt as in pressing Alt F2 or whatever suggestion because the crash also freezes your keyboard and mouse. So the only way to get things going was to kill the power and restart the pc.

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