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G'day from 'Straya!
Big Grin 
Hi All!

I have been a follower of Joe's YouTube channel for a while now (THANK YOU, JOE!) - and I thought it would be a good idea to connect with the EZEELINUX community via EzeeTalk.

Allow me to introduce myself - I am a "recovering Microsoftie" - not just from using the OS, I actually worked at Microsoft for over a decade (leading the Dynamics Services team in Asia).

In 2017 I left the microcosm of corporate speak and Kool-Aid serving marketeers to start my own business. Initially as a Microsoft partner, but that is a small partner, it became clear really fast why I left the company in the first place - you get nothing done!

I found that as a customer, I got great support from Zoho (which I used as an accounting package for my business), and I quickly transferred my business to a Zoho partner - haven't looked back! Still running everything on Windows - until October last year - the infamous Microsoft Windows Fall 2018 update - and yes - I was affected, and lost some files (well, everything was backed up, so no big deal). Here is where my Linux journey started.

Actually, re-started - I dabbled with Linux from 1999 to 2002 (the good old Mandrake distro) - I remember from that time that it was quite a challenge getting things working properly, but very rewarding. I also managed to forget how to do all the funky stuff (at least, I considered it funky) with Linux at the time.

So, I installed Ubuntu on my desktop, and on my notebook. My entire business runs on Linux (I do have a copy of Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine, with Office 365 - mainly to support my customers). The great thing about Zoho is, they support Linux for these applications for which they release a desktop client! (the delivery is a bit of a mess though, with some apps only released as a Debian package, some as an AppImage, and others only via a shell installer).

I have started a YouTube channel (small, and blessed with a "face made for radio, and a voice made for print" I don't expect stellar growth - I just do it for fun) - initially as a place to store my "how to" videos to embed in my Zoho support knowledge base, but lately I started putting up some stuff that works for me in my Linux setup - again, just for the fun of it  Smile  - If you want to check it out, just search for Aurelian Group (it is my company channel) - but don't expect too much, other than a bit of a chuckle at Mr Amateur here having some fun while adding a bit of value in the form of how to videos to my customers.

Distro: Ubuntu 19.04 with Gnome desktop
LinkedIn: (feel free to reach out and connect)

Anyway - I look forward to participating in a bit of EzeeTalk

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