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Swap problem maybe?
I noticed that working in Libre Office, with alot of files open and numerous Tabs open in the browser that my 8 Gigs of RAM T430 Thinkpad machine was using some swap file memory, about 400MB or so. Now there is a swapfile in my OS (Linux Mint ver 19.1 MATE) not a swap partition. Attached are two images with normal usage, not heavy usage, for you to look at. It shows that my sawp file is 2 GB. I thought that the OS would set the swap file size around the installed memory size. As you can see the size of my swap file is 2 GB. During using Libre Office and browser, the memory being used was around 2.2 Gigs with around 5 or 6 Gigs not used. Why was the OS using the swapfile when I had plenty of RAM unused? I changed swappiness from 60 to 10 to see if using less swappiness would be the result when using a high usage work flow. Do you think this is normal for the OS to use some swapfile with 8 GB of RAM?
Yes it is normal for some things to use swap no matter how much memory you have, mine uses swap sometimes as well and i have 20 gigs.

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