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Good Day Everyone

I have a question, has anyone as of yet been successful with OneDrive? This is the only element of Microsoft I am still using and do need. I did install one app for Onedrive, which would be OK but the changes I make to the config file are getting ignored. I have a massive 450 gig on OneDrive and do not want it downloaded, only sinked by name and directory like the native client for Windows does. From there upload only.

I am trying to avoid switching to dropbox as this would be avery intensive project for me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried going though Online accounts? (should just show up in the menu)
I'm pretty sure that if you sync up your Onedrive account there it won't download everything.
I will take a look and see. 450 Gig is a mass of stuff. Mostly video too. I may just end up moving it to Dropbox, then I can dump Microsft completely.  

Thanks for the reply too!

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