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Facebook Live and Webcam
Hello Everyone

I am new to the community and in a way Linux. I have been running Linux in a server (VPS) for sometime now for my website, but I finally got sick enough of Windows 10 to install Linux Mint on my business laptop. I am thrilled!

My question today is Facebook is not seeing my internal webcam (Toshiba laptop). Cheese see the webcam no problem. How to I get Facebook to see it?

Any ideas would be very welcome! OBS did not find it either.

Thank you!

Hey art.
With OBS, was it able to see the webcam but not get any video from it? If so then try restarting OBS will still having a webcam selected, because it fixed it for me.
As for Facebook, do any other websites work with your webcam or is it just Facebook?
The only 2 I use are YouTube and Facebook. Neither see the cam. Neither does oBS. Cheese sees it fine.
Have you tried using another browser?

I'm not sure about OBS, The cam should just show up as "Video capture device"
That I have not tried. I will reinstall firefox and see.

Very odd problem.

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