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Just Getting Started
Appreciate it . Thanks again !
I think that the older computer will serve your needs just fine ..... my computer is an old (10 years) HP Pavillion Laptop, originally installed with Windows 7 , similar to yours, it's made up of an AMD dual core Athlon processor, 64 bit , 6 GB memory , with a 750 GB Hard Drive I got interested in Linux when I heard of the reported impending removal of all support for Windows 7 in January of 2020 (allegedly), a system I have relied on (not through choice) for many years. I must say I am really enjoying my new found interest, which is slowly turning into a passion. My system of choice to start with, and on his advice, was Cinnamon Mint 19.1 ... and with the valuable help of Joe Collins (I'm now a subscriber of his brilliant channel), I am beginning to see light at the end of a two month tunnel, and I've lost count of the times I've created, then erased downloads and systems, and started all over again. I believe my patience has now paid off, and without tempting fate, I am confident I have created a system that will give any of my previous Windows systems a run for their money, and one I can confidently use. I would encourage anyone not to give up at the first few hurdles ..... I can guarantee (from experience) that perseverance WILL pay off, and you will get to love LInux Mint, or one of its' cousins of your choice. Good luck with your efforts .....
Hello again helpful people .

Received the used PC I bought on eBay a few days ago . It has an Intel dual core processor and 8 GB Ram .

Installed Mint 19.1 Cinnamon on it without any problems . Set up Time Shift , updated , set up Vivaldi browser & vpn , etc .

Been going quite smoothly except one or two things .

Twice in the last four days ,the PC froze up on me completely . Absolutely no mouse or keyboard function . With Windows , I was always to open the control panel and close the program that would be causing the problem . Any thoughts on how to handle this when it happens with Linux . Nothing I tried would work , so I needed to shut down the PC by pressing the start button on the PC itself , which I hate doing .

Also , if I'm online for an period of time , I generally get disconnected once or twice an hour . I have a very fast and stable connection and never got disconnected using my Windows PC .

All in all , I'm pretty happy with Linux so far and I expect to run into a few problems along the way .

Any help would be appreciated , Thank You .
If your desktop or a given program is unresponsive, the following may help. If your mouse and keyboard are entirely unresponsive, then a hard reboot may be unavoidable.

1. The problem may be the Cinnamon Desktop itself. Try restarting Cinnamon without rebooting by pressing ALT + F2, then type r and press ENTER.


2. In Mint/Ubuntu try launching the System Monitor. From the Processes tab a program can be selected and an End Process button should appear.


3. End a process from the Terminal with top or xkill.


4. Escape to the TTY. Use the command line to end processes, restart Cinnamon Desktop, fix problems, or safely reboot. (Especially helpful if your desktop session is frozen). Key combo to access TTY varies by OS/version.

In Linux Mint 18 and up, you should also be able to access the newer system journal to check crashes and freezes. Perhaps one of the kind and much more knowledgeable souls here or in the official LM forums could help you parse your log messages regarding your freezes and WiFi trouble.  

Good Luck!
Thank You

BTW - Currently , I'm using a hard wired connection .
(07-30-2019, 10:45 PM)ihavenoidea Wrote: Thank You

BTW - Currently , I'm using a hard wired connection .

Just a question: are you suppose to use a wired connection or is your wifi not working?
Hi .

wifi is working fine , just don't need it on this pc .

glad to read that. Smile

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