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cannot upgrade Arch (SOLVED)
One of my Arch virtual machines tells me it cannot update the core, extra, or community databases because "unable to lock database."

Any clue as to what is causing this?

Hi there,

How long is this VM running? how often are you updating it? are you able to install packages with pacman -S? when was the last time you empty the pacman cache with pacman -Sc?
I emptied the pacman cache and it now will upgrade the system with pacman -Syu

Thank you Sir.

Glad to read that. Smile
I just started to play with Manjaro with the cinnamon desktop. I like it so far... Getting use to the Arch way of doing things is exciting to say the least.
Pacman package manager is something to get use to using as I am use to Apt.
I use the command line a lot for updating and so forth.....
So far I like it and I'm enjoying the challenges of something new an something other than Debian based distro.
I use a VM to play with Distros and if I like them I have several old computers I can switch distros on too.

Actually, as cheap as drives are now days I just use a new 500gb for 2 or 3 distros and swap drives if I find something I want to keep... Lol

I think the buzz word is "real metal" or is it "real steal", I can never remember....

Thank you for the information and commands for Pacman.....

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