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Mint or Zorin best for new Linux users?
I just watched you video "5 mistakes new Linus users make" where you recombined MINT for new users. I understand that the video was made a couple of years ago so you may have later recommendations. I just installed Zorin 15 OS core a couple of weeks ago and works great except for an occasional printer problem (separate post). In you opinion, which is best for new users, MINT or Zorin? I'm running dual boot with Windows 10 because there are a couple of applications that have no Linux equivalent app.
I prefer mint but if you're happy with zorin then stay with it.
(07-03-2019, 03:46 PM)hurkeybird Wrote: In you opinion, which is best for new users, MINT or Zorin?

More people use Mint, therefore I suspect you will find more help and support for Mint than for Zorin.
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I have Mint on one laptop , its ok but i rarely use it as my go to os is Parrot, does everything i asks of it, number 2 is Ubuntu 1804 on another laptop.
I have tried Mint, MX Linux, but have now been using Zorin 15 with much satisfaction. This latest version is really quite polished, and maybe the most user friendly distro for newcomers from Windows. [Image: wink.png]
Both Mint and Zorin are great for new Linux users.They both add some nice features that Windows users expect,and both are quite polished.Personally I prefer Ubuntu,but it can be a steeper learning curve for someone migrating from Windows.Good luck.

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