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Printer Problems on Zorin 15 OS core
I have a brother HL-L2320D printer and it works fine on items that have a "print" button but when I have to use "Cntrl + P" the ready light on the printer will flash about 6 times then go back solid but no paper feed thus does not print anything. I have an Asus motherboard with 6 processors.
I don't have experience with Zorin, but did it search for drivers when you used whatever utility to add the printer? It automatically does this in Ubuntu and Mint.

If not, you could try installing CUPS. After that, it may search for drivers when you connect by USB.

You could also try directly installing drivers from Brother.

Check out this printer thread for relevant linksĀ on a CUPS install, adding a network printer, status of printers in Linux, suggestions, etc:

Here is a driver page I found for brother HL-L2320D:

Good Luck!
I would assume it did search for drivers because it correctly identifies the printer with the correct make and model number.
Your printer can be identified without having drivers available or installed.

Try installing the Linux driver install tool for your model provided by Brother:

You may want to read this guide first, instead of following the steps provided by Brother:

Directions for manual installation starts at step 3.

The terminal commands in the guide for initiating the installer script should apply to Zorin as well. Your device doesn't list a scanner, but for anyone else with a Brother printer/scanner, step 10 may only apply to Mint.

Remember to first remove your printer in the same fashion you added it before manually installing the drivers.

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