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ubuntu gaming build got the gpu and intel cpu already
hi im seeking to complete my linux gaming pc build. Iv'e already got a new msi gaming x gtx 1080 and an intel core i7 8700k . Im just looking for the other componments that i should choose that play nice with linux (specifically 18.04lts). im after a 1440p moniter, and some nice fast ram. I don't want any fancy lighting or any of that, just function over fashion. Im seeking the best performance possible. the only other caveat i have is that id like to spend less than 3000 australian on the remainder of the build. When i saw the big list of games in my account that natively support linux i decided id forget about installing windows and go all in on ubuntu 18 and see all that linux has to offer. Any suggestions or pointers would be most welcome!vidmate mobdro word counter
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