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New-b needing help
I've built my p.c. without an OS and am having problems uploading Ubuntu from Flash onto new pc.  Any help appreciated.  Note: I'm continually being told "no OS found, disconnect any drives not congaing os and pres any key to restart?
Have you burned the iso onto the usb from another pc?

You cant just put the iso file onto the flash and expect it to work. And ISO is basically a disk image. you have to write that disk image to the usb stick with a program like rufus if you're on windows.

also, make sure the computer is set up in the bios to boot up a usb stick at boot.
At times the USB stick doesn't get marked as bootable.

So as mentioned make sure your system is reading USB sticks for booting.

I highly recommend Etcher (which works on modern OSes and doesn't need to be installed)
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With the usb plugged in go into your BIOS.

Once you are in the BIOS go to boot and make the usb device the first in the boot order.

Save and exit and your machine should boot directly to the usb for the install.
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