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(07-05-2019, 06:32 PM)muddy Wrote: Success! Plex is scanning as I type this. In the end it was pretty simple. But as most things in life the solution is simple once you know the problem. I followed this:

Thanks again for everyone's help. It took me a few weeks and who knows how many hours but I learned some stuff along the way,


Wow! That is great news!
I am glad that you got things working... I read the link and that is  a bunch of stuff to do to get Plex working.  Rolleyes

I don't use Plex I use Emby and use my browser to set it all up so my whole network can use it with just the browser and the
Anyway glad you got it going!!!

It is always that last 1/2 inch.....  Big Grin
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Glad to hear that you got it running! After sometime, you should try out openmediavault, I believe that it has a plugin for plex!
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