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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS Startup Sound.!!
Not sure if this is the best place to share, so please direct me to a better sub if needed.
I have a friend that owns a very old laptop and Windows Vista had become basically unusable.I told him id fix it for free, but I'd be replacing the OS with a Linux Distro.All is good, I chose Lubuntu because of its Ubuntu-like gracefulness and light weight LXDE desktop environment.I really wanted him to be impressed with the new system, so i made it about as beautiful as you can make LXDE, but i wanted to make a custom startup sound for him. Apparently the majority of the community around Lubuntu doesnt like start-up sounds.Im no expert at all. I'm very noobie compared to most of you brilliant people here, so i was googling around all over for a way to make this thing play this darn audio file i made at start up.I did it.Got it working just like i wanted.The reason I'm making this post is because every forum i went to never had an answer.I dont want to make an account on all of those sites so i just wanted to post the solution on the front page of the internet for future people who may be facing the same problem.It was so simple and i feel silly..Lubuntu 16.04 LTS
vvvv!!!!!SOLUTION!!!!!vvvvnox vidmate mobdro

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