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Every distro just makes motherboard freeze? (on splash screen)
(03-24-2019, 11:10 AM)bennylava Wrote: Hi all. I'm trying to switch over to Linux as my daily os, from Windows. But I'm having some kind of issue where my computer just freezes on the motherboard splash screen. I tried dual booting on my gaming rig about a year ago, and I got the same issue. So I gave up for awhile.

Eventually I put together a dedicated linux rig, hoping that would solve the problem. For some reason, I'm still getting the exact same issue, on this other computer. Just like when I tried dual booting on the gaming rig, this new rig will boot into my distro a few times. You may get 5 reboots out of it. But then eventually it just freezes on the motherboard splash screen, and will never boot the distro again.

You've got to reinstall something in order to get it booting again. And because of that, it seems to me like this is either a bios or a bootloader issue. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Where you'd install linux, only to have the computer start freezing on the motherboard splash screen? Its totally locked up, you can't press Delete or F8 or anything, you just have to hold down the power button and turn it off. At first I thought maybe it was some kind of a flaw in the distro, or for some reason it just didn't like my hardware. So I tried Zorin, Kde Neon, and Linux Mint. I had the same problem with all 3. I don't hold out any hope that any other distro would be any different. So I've got to solve the problem first, before I can even begin to learn linux and settle on a distribution.

Here are the rig specs that I'm currently trying to install Linux on.

Dedicated Linux Rig:

Biostar T-series motherboard from 2006
Intel Core2duo 6600 processor
Samsung evo SSD 250Gb
Creative Xfi Sound card
Nvidia GT 620 video card
4Gb of DDR2 Kingston brand
Corsair 400 watt power supply
Hi, I ran into a similar problem with a thinkpad some time ago, i was able to solve it by first completely wiping the hard drive and then going into the bios and changing the security to legeacy, i know that most destros can work with effi i think its called but some older equipment wont .. setting it to legecy should solve this as well as turning secure boot to disable..hope that helps ..cheers

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