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testing Ubuntu 19.04
I have been running 19.04 as a virtual machine for about a month now. My host machine runs 16.04, and so far I have found no reason to upgrade from that, although I am finding 19.04 quite tempting. I like the latest Gnome desktop, and I have found few bugs in the system even though it is not yet even in a Beta release. Of course it may be the desktop wallpaper I use. I was a wooden boat builder for many years, and I think this is maybe the most beautiful boat ever built.

[Image: 150-wave-cropped.jpg]

That is indeed a beautiful boat.

When you are still happy with 16.04, you could also just wait for the next Long Term Support release, 20.04.
But I will agree that the latest changes in GNOME are quite tempting.
If I remember correctly, they have sped up their JavaScript engine in one of the latest releases,
which improves the already nice GNOME experience by a lot.
My git repos

"Things are only impossible until they’re not." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard
installed it on one of my laptops, liked most everything, a couple bugs i reported but i think 19.04 will be nice if they correct a few problems, i will wait a few weeks after release and maybe install the released version sometime in may
. Smile
Switching from an LTS to an interim release that still hasn't had the kernel freeze yet is not recommended.
If you're happy with 16.04 LTS then that's great, and I would stick with it, but if you're going to update then I would suggest 18.04.2 point release, or wait for 20.04 as someone else suggested.

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