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Ubuntu is not fast
I have installed Ubuntu 18.04, and I'm happy with it, but I have some problems.
First, my laptop is: Lenovo-z50-70
My hardware specifications are:
16 GB of RAM
intel core i5-4210U
Nvidia GeForce 840M
1 TB hard drive
Now I'm wondering, why the following happens:
- Ubuntu is not fast, or in other words, it looks like an OS installed on a VM, not on a good-hardware laptop.
- The boot is slow, it takes around 1.39 min, which I think is a lot for an OS who is just installed yesterday!
- I can't do Hibernate, I googled how can I do hibernate on Ubuntu and I found that I should install some software first then typing:
which gave me a message on a black screen says: 
system snapshot ready. preparing to write
and the laptop did not do hibernate or anything.
can anyone please tell me how can I fix these issues?

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When you say that Ubuntu is slow, do you mean just the boot times or does the computer overall feel slow?

Run the commands
- systemd-analyze blame
- lsblk
This will provide the information on what the system is doing while it is booting and some system information that may be useful.

As for hibernating I can't give any help for that.
I run similar hardware on a Dell dual core.I cut my boot time to about 30 sec. by installing SSD.Cant help with hibernate since I disable it.

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