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Swap File
I have an old computer, it originally ran Windows XP but that was too slow for me so I wiped the drive and installed Lubuntu. It runs a lot faster now but I still want to speed it up a bit. Any suggestions?
give mint xfce a try , it's light too.
Don't know if this makes a difference but I install all my distro's like Joe C. recommends
with: 3 partitions : root / ; swap ; and /home.
that way his CYA ( I use timeshift tho.) and XBT scripts work better for me.
If memory is short make sure Swap is big enough.
Dos 3.2 to Win 10.
Main - Cinnamon 19.2
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Can you tell us what computer you have or the hardware/mobo it uses because a lot of that stuff is getting dirt cheap so an upgrade of hardware may also be reasonable. (adding memory or faster cpu)

Go here, look around - this guide is safe and has a good rep for not breaking systems
All Operating Systems suck... but some more than others
Thank you very much!
I do not know how much spare change is in your pocket, but I have found installing a SSD makes a world of difference in laptops.  I bought an old 2010 MacBook, and it is butt ugly and not flashy.   My first impressions were dog slow.  The internal hdd was an old 4200 rpm drive.   After I installed a new Samsung EVO 256 SSD, it was like night and day difference.   Of course depending on what application you plan to use, you may need to add/replace the sc memory DIMMs.   I found some used DIMMs on eBay and maxed out the memory.  The only draw back is  the USB ports are version 2 and the maximum bandwidth is around 35 MB/s.   If you have a NAS you can connect the 1Gb/s lan to the NAS network and get around 100MB/s.  The TimeMachine backups to the NAS are about three times faster.  If I could find a used thunderbolt to USB3 adapter at a reasonable price I would buy it for faster direct connect backups using the external USB3 disk drives.  Also, I have a display port to HDMI adapter to connect the laptop to a HD TV to watch Netflix or a DVD.  It is running MAC OS X, but the same techniques can be use to build a reasonable Linux laptop.  I have around sixteen different Linux distro virtual machines installed for evaluation.  And eventually when this puppy finally gives up, I will start over again and build a Linux laptop in a similar fashion. (I am rambling on and sound like a cheap scape.  I will shut up now.)
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