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Your First Computer
A blast from the past around the mid 1980s.  Any guess how to use this?  Hint, it was actually used with personal computers.

[Image: 48815655613_0e8f08f26f_o_d.png]

Spoiler Alert:

The Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC) Mini Cartridge (MC) form-factor was a 23⁄8 inches (60 mm) by 31⁄8 inches (79 mm) size and is small enough to fit in a 3.5 in tape drive bay.  The QIC-40 and QIC-80 were designed to use the same floppy disk controller as a standard floppy drive, with MFM or RLL encoding.    Since it used the floppy interface it was very slow with a 250-500Kb/s maximum transfer speed.  The Kb/s is kilo bits per second.  The DC2120 could storage around 120MBytes.  As a reference in 20190929 most internet users have a faster bandwidth that the QIC80 tape drive.
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My first computer was an IBM "mini" computer that I programmed in FORTRAN IV in 1969 (yes 50 years ago). I got hooked on it and spent the rest of my life working with all kinds of different computers and languages (most of which nobody ever heard of).

I never claim to be an expert on any one kind of computer or system, more of a jack of all trades kind of thing.
The first PC I used was at the newspaper I was working for in the late 1980s. I don't remember the brand and never learned the specs, but it was either an IBM or IBM clone.

The first PC I owned was a Tandy 1000 HX that I bought in 1990. It had an 8088 CPU, came with 256K of RAM, and had one 3.5" floppy drive.

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