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Programs you like to use
Just wondering what programs you guys like to use
and some i like to use

MPV (video player)
Chromium (browser)
Libre Office (office/word)
Pinta (paint)
Gimp (image manipulation)
Mousepad (text editor)
Simple screen recorder (video capture)
MPD/NCMPCPP (audio player)
pulse effects (equalizer)
Xterm (terminal)
Nitrogen (wallpaper setter)
Feh (image viewer)
Bleachbit (cleaner)
Htop (resource monitor)
Gcolor2 (color selector)
Openshot (video editor)
I always install:
openssh-server    brasero        wine        grsync        meld        gparted

Mostly I add:
htop        bleachbit    filezilla   chromium    vlc         soundconverter
sublime        nmap        easytag        python3.6

And within WINE, I have
LDD (LEGO Digital Designer)        Paintshop Pro        Textpad

Take care,
Media player: mpv
Browser: firefox
Terminal: st
Editor: vim
File manager: ranger
Music player: cmus
Image viewer: sxiv
Document viewer: zathura / llpp
Spreadsheets: sc-im / GNUmeric
Video/audio convertion and recording: ffmpeg
Run dialog: dmenu
File searcher: fzf
RSS feed reader: newsboat
mailclient: neomutt
Password manager: pass
Calculator / arithmetics: insect / mathomatic / R / python
File syncing: syncthing
File transfer: rsync
3D-Modelling: OpenSCAD
Youtube viewer: youtube-viewer
Pulse audio configurator: pulsemixer (like pavucontrol, but for the terminal)

EDIT: I updated this according to recent changes in my workflow and habbits.
Random sh*t, flight of thoughts here okay? Ok!

Cv anti-virus, firewall, back up, timeshift, winds
Firefox, Chrome, brave, opera, mail-spring , task viewer,
terminal, exodus wallet, neon wallet, simpleos wallet Bitcoin core,
gparted, grub customizer, libre office, calculator, bleach, proton vpn, disks, clementine, VLC...

So many random things will update after opening up the PC

spotify, caffeine, redshift, welcome mate, donut cryptocurrecy tracker, franz (multi web chat client )
 Linux Laptop: Hp DV6 3028tx i5
 User --> Ubuntu Desktop 18.04, 16.04, 14.04.
I generally like to use:
Brave (web browser)
VLC (media player)
Thunderbird (email client)
VIM (editor)
Geany (IDE)
VirtualBox (hypervisor)
Psensor (Hardware temperature monitor)
Gnome-Terminal (terminal)
LibreOffice (Office suite)
BlueMan (Bluetooth manager)
Discord (Online chat)
Htop (systems monitor)
Audacity (audio editing)
Web browser: Firefox, Vivaldi and Falkon
Email/Calendar/Contacts: Evolution
Music player: Cmus
Chat: Discord and Telegram
Text editor: Pluma and Nano
File manager: Caja
Office suite: Libreoffice
Gaming: Steam, Itch and Lutris
"Leadership is not about being the best, it's about bringing out the best in others"

My main system: Ryzen 7 1700X CPU, ASUS Strix Radeon RX 580 8GB VRAM, 32GB DDR4 RAM
Display: 1x27" Acer @ 1920x1080 and 1x21" Acer @ 1920x1080
Operating System: Solus
Desktop environment: Budgie or i3wm
My list:
- Thunderbird (with Enigmail and Paranoia extensions)
- Terminator
- htop
- glances
- nmon
- nload
- w3m
- vim
- steghide
- exiftool
- texlive
- youtube-dl
- ffmpeg
- Dia

- Geany
- GNOME Builder
- VirtualBox

There are a few more, but those are the ones I use more often.
Open Shot
Libre Office
To name a few
-Red Shift (has to be my favorite)
-Radio Tray
-Libre Office
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU     T7700  @ 2.40GHz  4GB RAM
Linux Mint 19 (Tera) Xfce
AMD Athotholon™ 64           TF-20 @ 1.6GHZ 4GB RAM
Bodhi Linux 5

Authoring/Editing  :  Lyx, Libre office, Bless (Hex)
Browser:  Pale Moon
Mail: Thunderbird
Disk Burning: K3b
PDF:  Okular, Master PDF Editor,  DiffPDF
Multimedia:  Audacity, Open Shot, Simple screen recorder
Graphics:  Inkscape, Gimp, Gwenview, Nomacs, Simple Scan
Radio:  Fldigi
Lucky Backup
System:  Gparted, Conky, Mx Tools, Synaptic Package Manager, MX Package Installer, MX Repo Manager,
Torrents : qBitTorrent
Translation:  Googletranslate but will transfer to this activity Deepl when it is possible.

There's a whole swag of others that I can  access through MX package Installer and have a copy of Puppy on the machine, it makes me a preferred display of Grub.

Locally built 64bit desktop,  Drives 120 GB SSD,  280 GB HD (the original), 1 TB HD,
External 1TB HD backup.Also, modified Dell 9010 as system backup.

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