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Which BACKup is easy & better to USE ???
On Ubuntu 18.04 

which is good to use for external HDD >1TB with two partitions one for EXT4 + NTFS 

Déjà Vu Back up (Vs) TimeShift (vs) SystemBack (Vs) Clonezilla 

Why No XBT 3.0 ? = not able to detect by above config [as no pendrive]
 Linux Laptop: Hp DV6 3028tx i5
 User --> Ubuntu Desktop 18.04, 16.04, 14.04.
I use Grsync and Luckybackup as root for the home directory.  Then I use Timeshift to take a snapshot of the Home directory and Root to make a snapshot of my complete system.  Timeshift has helped me numerous times to fix a corrupt system by loadiing an earlier snapshot.  I keep 4 snapshots taken every day.  Time shift only uses ext4 (Linix) disk format.

Hope this helps. Wink
That answer just gave me a question I know timeshift only writes to a ext4 drive but can it snapshot an ntfs partition to it ?
I use BU a script on ezeelinux that's really all you need
If you are more inclined to tinker with your system, you can just write your own rsync script for the purpose.
The Arch Wiki has some nice examples with explanations.
My top 10 reasons to still use Arch after 2 months on my main PC at home.
rsync is awesome.

LuckyBackup is a GUI, quite simple to use.
I have been using it at home and in the office for several years... we use it for both manual and scheduled/automated backups
you can backup to local drives and to cloud drives... as well as the synced drives we use via syncthing.
I used Lucky Backup for a while. I seem to remember that it uses rsync internally. Lucky taught me how to use rsync and that is all I use now.
Yes like rjs i use too Grsync for the room... it's the best Kodi Lucky Patcher nox
i use an external computer to back up my stuff. And i simply use rsync with ssh to send files/directories from my to the backup computer.
I did a simple fish abbreviation (in bash it would be an allias) and i am ready to go.

I also use timeshift just in case i do something silly i always can use a snapshot through the TTY.
I use BU a script on ezeelinux that's really all you need

shadow fight 2 mod apk

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