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Question - CentOS vs Fedora - Whats the difference
Question - CentOS vs Fedora - Whats the difference

Also youtube lacks a decent amount of Fedora videos

Is CentOS server use
and Fedora - workstation/desktop ?
In general CentOS is used on servers over desktops and Fedora more on desktops.  Obviously that isn't a rule or anything.  You are, of course, free to use CentOS for a desktop and Fedora on a server.

CentOS moves very slowly.  That is very very very slowly.  This is important for servers.  You don't usually want the latest bleeding edge tech. You want proven ultra stable software that isn't going to crash a working web, database, application, caching, etc server.  This is why it doesn't make sense on a desktop.  It just moves to slow and doesn't support new hardware quickly.  In fact the most current version of CentOS is on the 3.x kernel.

Fedora moves ultra quick.  The distro is constantly pushing the edge.  It is kind of the test bed for CentOS.  The Fedora team likes to try new approaches which don't always work out exactly according to plan.  This is why it wouldn't work well for servers.

Also the support cycle is very different.  CentOS has pretty much gone to ten years of support for a version.  Fedora is more like nine months then you must upgrade.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

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