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Problem - VLC not upgrading to v3.0.4

Linux Problem

VLC not upgrading to 3.0.4

 Toshisba Chromebook 2 CB35 2014
 (Intel Baytrail/2gb RAM/16gb emmc)

GalliumOS v2.1

current edition v2.2.7

-  GaliumOS Upgrade tool didnt upgrade VLC
-  apt-get upgrade       didnt upgrade VLC
-  Ubuntu Software centre reports installed

From the OMFG Ubuntu Article it mentions
 VLC needs to come from Ubuntu Software Centerand repo ????
not via

Snap isnt upgraded yet to 3.0.4

Does VLC 3.0.4 .deb file exist?

VLC Site not very helpful

File on Laptop:

 deb xenial main restricted
 deb xenial-updates main restricted
 deb xenial universe
 deb xenial-updates universe

 deb xenial multiverse
 deb xenial-updates multiverse

 deb xenial-backports main restricted universe multiverse
 deb xenial-security main restricted

 deb xenial-security universe
 deb xenial-security multiverse

Ubuntu Centre reports more PPA added, yet isnt displayed on the source file

Installing Windows or ANOTHER distro is NOT the solution to ONE program not upgrading
GalliumOS is the ONLY distro that works with the hardware
every other distro REFUSES to provide the correct drivers
(Yes even Ubuntu mate and mint Ive tired)

Thanks for any help in fixing this

Also I can SSH via LAN into Laptop via Windows PC using Putty
or access it directly

Laptop (galliumos 2.1+XFCE):-
[Image: Dk6fvlwVAAADoAs.jpg:large]
Whether you will receive an update through your specific package manager depends. In linux versions such as Ubuntu, with a fixed release schedule, some applications coming with a specific version of the OS might not be updated unless you update your entire OS. In many cases, the only updates provided are critical security updates. Feature updates that change how the program works, typically are not offered by default in such releases.

If you installed your application by one of the alternative package management systems such as snap or flatpack, there is a greater chance you will receive updates. These package management systems isolate your applications from the operating system. as such, there is no risk that updates break other components of the system. Still there, you will need to have patience until these software versions are updated.

If you want the update now, you still have the option to download source code and compile the software yourself. This is not always trivial and you are at risk breaking your system. So you may prefer to follow the flow and use the update when it is offered (and tested) for you.

VLC is on a massively OUTDATED edition
Linux does not give me the CHOICE to apt-get upgrade to at least 2.9 or 3.0.0
let alone 3.0.4

I think I managed to get an PPA for Smplayer to upgrade
in the past

Honestly Linux still lacks a few things compared to Windows
On Windows I can goto
download the latest edition
extract it into a directory
Make shortcut

Bingo new edition and I have a copy of the rar/zip/tar of the older ones stored
incase the new one stuffs up and I need to go back

Yet it seems we have to go thou 6 different methods to get a program
and I still cant just upgrade it
Just found this, may help.

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