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File cataloging software...
I have a need to catalog a number of hard drives, and USBs with the goal of removing duplicate files and freeing up disk space so that in some cases, by moving files to another drive I might be able to free up an entire drive perhaps which could then be used for another project.  I'd like some suggestions of programs that work well for this as well as those that don't.

Some of the programs that I've run across are no longer available even though the inet search returns information.  e.g. - "WhereIsIt"

New here, but not real new to Linux and an old timer in Window.  Apple stuff is foreign and will remain that way.

LuckyBackup ... install from your normal repositories, I use Debian. I think all major Linux distos have it in their repos.
it is "supported" and bug free in my experience.

I use LuckyBackup for repetitive automated backups, and on demand too. Have been for many years.
Primarily a backup tool, but some backups are accumulative, and often I compile large data sets.

the defaults are intended to Replace, rather than Compile...
once you have created a "Profile" and a "task" select "advanced" then the "Command Options" tab.
uncheck box "delete files on the destination"...and your destination will be Accumulative (a compilation)

Run a few small batches, verify that it is doing what you desire.
As always, work with Copies.

There are probably some tutorials and videos out there, I learned mostly by just poking around

PS: I do not use compression or special storage tricks.
I want my Copy/Backup to be accessed with my normal file managers. For That LuckyBackup is ideal
That doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. It does seem to be useful, but not so much for my situation.
Have you looked at fslint? It has a duplicate file removal function.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

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