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What browser extensions do you use?
I'm sure it will depend upon which browser people prefer and its built-in features, but what browser extensions do you use and recommend?
I use Vivaldi. It pretty well has everything that I need built in. It has Notes, Themes, Tabs, Panels, Quick commands, Sync just to name a few and theirs a lot more available also.
Butch Owens
Bonobo System 76
I use Chromium. My extensions are Dark Reader and uBlock Origin.
I use Chromium as well.

My must have are Ad block plus, "Home - New Tab Page". And the must have ++ Dark Reader. About this one, dear fearless leader, if you read this line, you got to give it a try, because when you put a web page in a video all that white on the screen is painful. Smile
BTW dark reader is also available in firefox.

I my opinion 3 is already plenty.
I also use Vivaldi, it has all that I need, plus a lot more.
I've been using Firefox for a long time, with uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, and privacy badger — before that, I used Chromium for a good while.

I've been thinking about giving IceCat a try.  The default ad and privacy features appear similar to my Firefox setup, with a few extra features included.  It looks like the default ad blocker is based on Adblock Plus, which I've used before.

Has anyone tried the extension NoScript?  I've never used it, but have been meaning to give it a try.  I don't think it's available for IceCat, but it's not like I'm using the extension now anyway.

I couldn't live without an ad blocker (I whitelist sites and channels I support) but, with the permissions most extensions require, I still worry about how vulnerable extensions are to exploitation  — even though that applies to any number of levels of trust in computing.  I'm not ready to fashion a tin foil hat, but I do try to use a limited amount of extensions and stick to open-source.

Thanks to everyone so far for sharing their browser and extension choices.
Firefox, with decentraleyes, uBlock origin,NoScript, HTTPS everywhere, Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum, Vim Vixen and User-Agent-Switcher.

That basically kills any tracking and ads I don't explicitly allow and makes finger printing pretty hard. Although for some sites to work correctly I have to disable some of the extensions.
Firefox, with Decentraleyes, uBlock origin, NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger and because as leon.p points out this can break some sites I also have Vivaldi with uBlock origin and HTTPS everywhere. Which I use when doing any purchase or completing forms online.
Glad to see that I am using roughly the same extension set as others here. For those that have successfully gotten fingerprinting under control, is that being driven by no script? Or is the user agent switcher better than it used to be? Back when I experimented with user agent spoofing, it made my browser fingerprint more unique. The only thing I use all the time extension wise that hasn't been mentioned already is Bitwar
The trick about finger printing is not to send little data (which often is barely possible), but to send incorrect data instead (or in addition). Basically "poison the well". It does not make finger printing totally impossible, but at the very least it will give the trackers wrong data about you.

Always keep in mind that the absence of information is also information, so some privacy plug-ins, while technically making the data send to trackers more anonymous, will make it easier to identify your browser.

The user agent switcher is just a very simple way to randomize one variable.

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