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Hey guys what was your first distro and do you still use it?
My first computer was an Apple IIe operating system was on 5 inch floppy. Then went through 5 different Windows platforms. Then went to OS/2 until I decided to come to Ubuntu. When I came to Ubuntu I started with 14.10. I am currently running 20.04.

Butch Owens
Butch Owens
Bonobo System 76
For desktop first full time Linux desktop on bare metal was and still is Ubuntu MATE.  I have and still run many Linux desktops in VirtualBox.  I also ran Linux desktops in Virtualbox on Windows 7 before moving to Linux on bare metal. Well I forgot about SuSE in 1996 and 1998. I bought SuSE from CompUSA in retail packages and ran them on a dedicated spare rig. Still I didn't use that as my primary OS (just played around with Linux). So Ubuntu MATE still holds for my first primary Linux desktop OS.

As for servers though that would be hard to say.  I think the host was running Debian.  This was back in 1998 and 1999.

I know my first dedicated Linux server I was in charge of ran CentOS 4.x.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

* Desktop: Ubuntu MATE
* Windows are for your walls, Apple is for your health, Linux is for your computer
My first was caldera then redhat then mandrake, only one still out there is redhat.
I started with Ubuntu 16.04 (I tried all the desktops but stuck with Unity). My needs changed and I discovered that I am not particularly a fan of the apt package managers nor the Ubuntu repositories, so I started to seek out something else a year later. For the last three(-ish) years I have been using Parabola, which is pretty close to perfect regarding my needs, but if I ever again have the desire for something that works out of the box and requires no manual set-up I'll probably choose Fedora.
My first linux system was Mint 17.X (can not remember what was the last subversion) but i jumped a couple of months later to the 18.1 version. Both with XFCE. I liked the minimalist look of it.

Nowadays i am on Archlinux for a year and half i believe. With I3 as a windows manager. I don't plan in using a full DE again.

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