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Hey guys what was your first distro and do you still use it?
Just interested, for me it was Pop OS.
Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 bit (19.1) and I'm still using (and learning) it (19.3).

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Tried installing Slackware from a boatload of floppies once but that didn't work out for me. Debian Sarge on my first web server. Currently using Mint 19.3 and 20, Debian Buster, Bunsen Labs Lithium, and Ubuntu 18.04. Running MX Linux, antiX, and Peppermint in VMs. Had Artix in a VM but I broke it, might try in on hardware.
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I don't recall what OS it was. There were several ...
I do remember they came on 3.5" floppies that I bought at a hobby shop on Piner Road.
One flavor used a desktop suite much like Gnome2, and another had something like KDE.
The "gnome2" kind was much favored

It was many years before I was able to dual boot, and a dedicated PC just for Linux was not within my budget.
Re-installing DOS was pretty easy, I did it frequently
Went from Windows 7 to dual boot Ubuntu. Did not get on with Ubuntu. Had a look at a dual boot windows 7 / Mint. I liked it very much just the job for me. I then proceeded to convert my PC to dedicated Mint Canonical. I have been sold on Mint ever since had the odd problem which was caused by myself! But otherwise problem free.
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Ubuntu 11.04 think it was a wubi install in Windows xp.
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(10-09-2020, 12:23 AM)jacob Wrote: Just interested, for me it was Pop OS.
Off to an excellent start !
Ubuntu 16.04, but now I use Ubuntu MATE 20.04 and Kubuntu 20.04.
Ubuntu Netbook Edition UNE (not using it anymore)

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