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iMac 2015 ubunutu 20 sound questions
Sorry for the n00b questions, but having intermittent sound problems with ubuntu 20 on a 2015 iMac.  Had same problems with ubuntu 18 and up, and same in Mint.  So I'm guessing it's not necessarily a distro problem.

It seems the sound will work most of the time except when trying to play video, and particularly youTube or web-based video's.  

.mp4's, .mp3's, work appropriately, unless i try to play any web based video files, in which case it just cuts out.  Even going to the control panel and doing sound tests won't work at this point unless the machine is rebooted.

any thoughts are appreciated.  not a deal breaker, but definitely a frustrating problem.  

if this has been answered on another thread, please feel free to admonish me and direct me appropriately!

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