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Still learning
I'm still pretty new to Linux, I have completed a 7 week intro class given through Bryant&Stratton College. The class is over and I want to keep learning and working on the skills I have so far. Can anyone suggest a some good online instruction? It can be pay classes or free, I'm just looking for something to keep my feet wet on the topic.
Debian is the base of most Linux distros, but I expect you learned that in your class
Install and use it, real world use is best in my opinion.
I could be wrong but I think The Linux Foundation has free online courses.
Yes, you only pay for certification.

as Mexudo above, i believe the best way to learn is by using a linux system.

I recommend as well to read "a lot" of man pages. In your terminal just type "man command". For example:
man cp
when open use your keyboard arrow to go up and down and when you are finish just press "q" to quit.

I can also recommend some youtube linux channels. I suppose you already know joe collins channel. Perhaps have a look into what Chris Titus; Luke Smith; Distro Tube do. They sometimes do some advance material but often they brig to our knowledge some pieces of software we like to meet. Is one of them who introduced me to fish shell for example.

I hope helped.
(08-29-2020, 09:57 AM)Tuxinho Wrote: I recommend as well to read "a lot" of man pages. In your terminal just type "man command". For example: man cp

Also in the terminal type command -h and  command --help whenever you're about to do something for a quick refresher on the capabilities and usage of that command.

You can also get new ideas and strengthen your existing knowledge by browsing websites like and and specific Linux distribution Stack Exchange sites like or to see what other users are talking about.
One option for you is arch on a separate drive, Install via scripts Ezee has some.Try Manjaro architect first. Thats a decent way to get into it too. Then configure some window managers the terminal way. Lotsa vids on Toob for those too.
Classes are a lot like reading a book on cabinet building. Get a table saw and a router and watch those vids. A pic is worth 1000 words. A video is worth 1000 pages. Just get to it !
By the way Jose...This be Douglas W. Post some links to your scriptage under my reply.

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