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Server 20.04 bug when ran in a VM
For many years I have used Cent-OS for my servers. however I am about to do a complete Upgrade with one of my servers and want to try Ubuntu server.

My problem is that (In a VM) out of the gate it is failing with a very annoying bug.
Whenever it loads, and finishes, it doesn't give me a login prompt.
Then when I hit enter it asks for a password having never asked for a login name.
So, of course it fails, and then it asks for a login name. after that it seams to work. But then continually tells me that snap failed to load over and over. This I can stop, but I shouldn't have to.

Does anyone else have experience with Ubuntu server? Are these issues common?  Or is this a VM issue? Or is it just not finished loading, but lets you login at any point? ....... I don't know.

Oh, and yes, it has all the latest updates.

I hope to find a solution soon. I would really like to run it through its paces.

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There are a lot of interesting graphics stuff happening between the bios / uefi displaying stuff, handing the screen control over to the boot loader, which then, after also displaying stuff, hands it over to the freshly booted initial RAM-disk image, which may or may not display stuff and then hands it over to the started OS, which depending on hardware and whether you use framebuffer or KMS may change around the mode of it a bunch.

Usually with Ubuntu or Mint you would not notice, as the bootloader displays a boot splash, gracefully hands over to plymouth which displays the OS init splash and then gracefully hands over to the Display Manager (the graphical login screen).

When using ubuntu server, there is no graphical login, and probably also no splash. On real hardware, you would then see temporary screen blanking(s). Maybe the VM software you use is just a bit broken and does not handle the mode setting very well. Either try to disable KMS, or use a better virtualisation software (as a general rule: If it does not use qemu, it sucks), or just try it on real hardware (after the installation you could use ssh which is probably the way you would interact with your real server anyway, so this definitely beats virtualisation).
I am familiar with headless systems and how they load. whenever I boot Ubuntu or Mint (Or any other of the like) I always hit the Esc key so I can see if there are any FAILS or start jobs that are causing the system to hang. For the same reason I prefer to update with the terminal rather than the GUI provided. Not that the GUI is bad, they actually are very good. It is just that I prefer the terminal. I am sure that anyone that spends a large amount of time in the terminal will agree, CLI is just better, more control, more powerful, and faster.

I should have given the VM information, sorry. My bad
VirtualBox Version 6.1.10_Ubuntu r138449

As usual lion.p all of your points are good. I will try another VM. If that doesnt work, I will put it on metal. I think I have an old 160GB hard drive laying around in the office. I might try it on that.


A computer without Microsoft is like a piece of chocolate cake without ketchup and mustard.

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actually, I loaded it in the VirtualBox, then used another laptop to ssh into it and it worked fine, so i can assume it is the graphics in VirtualBox.
There is a learning curve between CentOS and this, but so far, just small or annoying issues like in the original post. However nothing Huge.

If anyone is familiar with ubu server, any suggestions to ease the transition would be gratefully appreciated.
And if anyone has had to deal with the mind bending switch between CentOs/RedHat and Ubu server, Insight and wisdom is desperately needed.
Yeah, a bit dramatic, but not far from the truth.

thanks in advance

A computer without Microsoft is like a piece of chocolate cake without ketchup and mustard.

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