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LMDE 4 experience
I decided to try it out as a replacement for my Ubuntu based Mint Cinnamon, and installed it on a spare 500GB HDD. The installation went pretty much as expected and with few surprises, and everything went fine until I started copying a large volume of files into my home folders.

That's when I discovered I couldn't do anything else with my computer because the copying process pretty well locked me out. It didn't matter if I copied files from one disk to another, or within the same disk.

Searching on line for an answer didn't turn up anything so far.

At one stage I managed to launch the system information app and the process was using 1.57GB from my 16GB, the CPU (an Intel i7) was pretty busy.

After booting back into my existing LM I repeated the process to confirm I didn't have the same problem; I also did the same inside a VM using another Debian based distro (MX19).

In other words, I confirmed that I don't have that problem with other distros (I also used Ubuntu Gnome in the past) and this issue only raised its head with LMDE 4. I'm not yet saying that it is definitely an LMDE 4 related issue because there are always many variables that can cause problems like this but the signs are pointing that way.

Anybody experienced this or heard about it before?

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