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Why is wine removal so challenging?
Hello. I've been doing some experimenting trying to get my iPhone to communicate with my Linux Mint 20 XFCE box. At one point, I made the mistake of installing wine. I knew ahead of time that this might be a bad idea, so I created a timeshift backup prior to the wine install. When I tried to roll back, I found wine quite difficult to remove. Rolling back with timeshift removed some but not all of it, I also ran Joe's excellent 

Sudo up --clean
command, and used Stacer for some additional file cleanup. These three approaches failed to fully remove wine and its related files. Finally succeeded with a point-and-click exploration of the file system in Thunar, where I manually deleted a bunch of files and folders, based loosely on the commands in this thread.

I'm back to a nice clean system now, but I don't understand why the first three methods timeshift, clean command, and Stacer didn't do the trick.  What about wine makes it so difficult to remove, and why, particularly, did the timeshift rollback not fully do the job? I can tell I don't understand something about how the system works, but I'm not sure what I've missed. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to learn. Smile

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