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Is The New Mint 20 A Hit Or A Miss?
Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with Linuxmint 20 in a VM. And other than their stance on Snap, (choosing to block it.) I have no complaints.

A few very small and trivial things bug me. But nothing worth mentioning. 

An example of something trivial would be their choice to change their name in the background from LinuxMint to Linuxmint. For those of us that code, this very small change is the difference between a script working or not. But a very quick fix in the code, and all is good. As I said, trivial.

Over all, I like it. So much in fact that I installed it on two of my machines to test it on metal, new and old. so far, not a single hiccup. It has been so smooth. Both are running cinnamon. one is a HP 2000 laptop with Duo-core and 3.5GB of ram.(old) the other is a HP with Rysen 3(4 core, 4 Threads) with 12GB of ram.(relatively new) Both handle Mint very well.

Before this I was using Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome. I like it a lot, but I decided to switch when I saw the way the were pushing Snap on everyone and realized that Ubuntu does not care about its users opinions. 

With Ubuntu there were also a few other things that rubbed me wrong. But I wont get into that here. 

My question is this. Is it a fit for you?

What do you think, HIT or MISS?

tell us about your experience here

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I put Mint 20 on a laptop to check it out and test scripts and it looks pretty good but I won't be upgrading to it on my main system. Mint 19.3 is working well for me and it's supported for until 2023.

I haven't seen any new features or improvements that inspire me to upgrade, and out of the box, it doesn't play well with some of my scripts and apps due to packages that Canonical has changed or removed from 20.04.

One of the issues I had was with youtube-dl because of the way Ubuntu changed how they support python. The section in the release notes didn't make much sense to me (I don't code in python and I'm not familiar with how it works). But I found a simple work around in a youtube-dl reddit post which was to create a symbolic link from /usr/bin/python o /usr/bin/python3.
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python
I created the link and successfully installed and ran youtube-dl.
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