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Useful Snap CLI commands
How to manage snap updates | Ubuntu  The Ubuntu Blog for July 9 has useful terminal commands for setting how often Snap will check for updates. It also has links to detailed information about other Snap settings. For example you can set Snap to only check for updates during certain hours, or on certain days, or you can pause it checking until a future date. Most of this information is not immediately useful to me, but it is interesting. And now I know it exists and where to find it if I need it.
Hello, Here is a Cheat Sheet that I use! Helps when memory is letting me down!

The snap Cheat Sheet
Using snap packages is pretty simple, but we’ve compiled a list of some commands that will help you:
To search for a package: snap find package_name
To install a package: sudo snap install package_name
To see all installed packages: snap list
To get information about a single package: snap info package_name
To change the channel a package tracks for updates: sudo snap refresh package_name --channel=channel_name
To see whether updates are ready for any installed packages: sudo snap refresh --list
To manually update a package: sudo snap refresh package_name
To uninstall a package: sudo snap remove package_name
Butch Owens
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