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Finally Converted! Thanks Joe.
I just wanted to shout out my personal thanks to Joe Collins.

I must have watched nearly every YT-Video during the first half of 2020. What with Covid-19 I have had plenty of time!  Anyway, 6-months on I have shrugged off the shackle that is Microsoft & Windows! It has taken a few mis-steps but after 6+ months, I have got all bar one PC in the house converted, the last Windows PC kept for gaming.

I started years ago with Mint 10 but never got on with it, so this year I installed Mint 19.3 at first and then tried Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not my cup of tea as I believe that Canonical wishes itself to be Apple/Microsoft and lock people in. (I won't get into an argument over this, it's just a personal feeling). So back to Mint and now LMDE 4.  It suits me, although I chose the Debian version because I baulk at Ubuntu stuff.

Anyway, my daily driver is now Linux LMDE 4 and the Windows 10 PC is rarely booted more than once per week.

RESULT - although still a new noobie, of course.
YES indeed Joe is great teacher/cheerleader and also lots of others youtubers lead me to wonderful world of freedom. I llike how UBUNTU 20 works on an older all in one computer that was giving many problems in windows 7 and now works great. Now my main computer a fairly good computer not upgraded but workable for me .....i dual booted for a month and messed around messed up so many times due to my silliness. Got tired of the windows verification crap. i have had numerous outlook emails have no ideal what they are. Last nite at 3am said hell with windows dune with em . So i used linux mint and i like it. Set up calibre for my books loaded the rhythmbox with my music organizing the firefox browser. And with the Lords help i will refrain from trying all the flavors of linux and stay were i at for a while.
I have got all bar one PC in the house converted, the last Windows PC kept for gaming. my talking tom 2
Dear Joe,

My most enthusiastic thanks for your twin advice not to dual boot Linux and Windows, and to look at buying a new Linux laptop quite economically at eBay as an alternative.

For @$125 I bought a used HP elitebook 8740 with 8gb of memory.  It only had a 200gb hard disk, but it served me well for learning purposes.

Then for @$120 more I got a 1TB SSD. Then for about @60 more I got an additional an additional 8GB of memory for a total of 16GB.

The final result; for $305 I got a really powerful laptop with 16GB of memory and a 1TB SSD.

Note that I only paid the additional incremental costs as desired.

The laptop came with Linux Mint 19.1 (Cinnamon) installed, and I have since upgraded to 19.2 and 19.3. The "pre-installation" meant that there were NO hardware compatibility issues at any time.

Chaim Frazer
Watching some of Joe Collins videos last night which is what directed me to the Forum.
Not too long ago I did not know what a Terminal was.

Now thanks to Joe and many others I can build my own Computers and install software.
Not quite mastered Arch yet but getting there.

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