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[SOLVED] What is best way to "Hand-Me-Down" a loptop?

So, It has come to pass that my niece got a new computer and wants to give her old one to her Dad.  This old unit is running Linux Mint 19, that I installed.

Asking all of you that have gone before me down this path...

Since its staying in the family, would you all suggest I just create a new account and go, leaving the original root account from my niece in place?  Or should I wipe and do a fresh install?

Thank you,
Start afresh would be my choice. If you are worried about a new installation make a Timeshift snapshot of the old onto a USB stick.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
When you boot the USB stick with the Mint 19 ISO on it, there is an option to do an OEM install where you set it up and add the applications you want then you can shut it down and give to the user. When the user starts it up, it walks him through the set up process. Joe Collins did a video on this  a while back.
Always go clean and fresh.
Even keeping this computer in the family, I'd say do a fresh install of Mint.

At the very least create a new account for dad, give it admin status, and then delete your niece's account and her home folder.

It's also worth considering the likelihood of installing Mint 20 in the near future. How much effort do you want to put into re-configuring Mint 19 for dad with Mint 20 this close.
Thank you all for chiming in to help me!  Well, I will take all this great advice and do a fresh install.  Here we go.....


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