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need a NAS drive...
....has anyone any recommendations for a simple NAS drive to back up my home data? 4TB would plenty for me.And affordable as well
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Personally I like to use Western Digital Black drives.
(06-22-2020, 04:28 AM)spudnuts Wrote: Personally I like to use Western Digital Black drives.
Aah...sorry, I meant to say a NAS device to contain the drives and attach to my lan.....which ones are affordable and easy to use/setup
I am not sure of all your requirements.  However Synology makes many reliable NAS units.  The link below shows a single disk unit.  However keep in mind you need to add the drive AND it offers no (zero) data backup.

It would be better to get a dual unit so you could have RAID (although RAID is far from perfect as ZFS is much better).  Still RAID is better than a single drive.  The other option is to backup the drive regularly with another drive.  In this case you'll have to decide what data interval you could lose and still feel comfortable.

I personally recommend WD or HGST drives for spinning but watch out for SMR technology!

There are many Synology units.  You may just run a search on your favorite etailer and find a unit that meets your needs and budget.

Another possibly are the ready to go Buffalo NAS systems like

However getting Buffalo to auto mount on Linux is a total hassle.  I have helped some clients and every model seems slightly different.  I don't care for them but they are out there in the wild.
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@cleverwise - thanks for your help, I'll check them out
Oohh....expensive....I'll carry on just using alternate hard drives via esata or maybe my old Raspberry Pi with the drives attached to it, just use Filezilla to move files
Thanks anyway

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