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[SOLVED] Virtualbox machines and usb audio issues
Hi Friends,

I have a Focusrite 2i2 usb audio interface that I use on my Linux Mint 19 laptop.  All is well.

On this laptop I have 3 virtual machines I goto sometimes using VirtualBox (v5.2.34).  One is Mint 19.3, next is Ubuntu 18.04, and windows 10.

It is only on the windows 10 VB machine that my audio interface works correctly.  With the other two Linux VB units, the sound is all garbled.  When I perform the speaker test, each test I can tell is doing something in the correct Left/Right output, but its just noisy mess.  It sound like the clocking is WAY off.

Where should I look to resolve this issue?

Thank you for help,


So, I found out that the issue was the version of usb controller I had selected in the VB settings for the two Linux machines I have.  I had them on v1.1.  My window10 VB machine had it properly set to v3.0.  Changed my two Linux VB machines to usb 3.0 and all is well.  Yeah!

I would check the VB forums.
(06-15-2020, 10:23 PM)spudnuts Wrote: I would check the VB forums.
I will search there too.  I just was curious why it worked with a VB windows10 machine.  I thought maybe there was some Linux thing I needed to tweak.

Thank you for chiming in for me,

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