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[SOLVED] Terminal locks up
I work in the terminal a lot, either the default gnome-terminal or Terminator. Whichever terminal emulator I'm, it will randomly lock up and it won't respond to the keyboard, so I have to use the mouse to close the terminal. Sometimes these random lock ups will occur frequently, especially, if the computer has been on most of the day. No other programs or applications seem to be affected, just the terminal emulator. It's really quite annoying when I'm in an SSH session but it happens at other times too. I'm not experiencing this problem on other Mint 19.3 installations.

I've searched onlline and found nothing on this particular problem. Nearly everything I find is about the whole system or the Cinnamon desktop freezing. 

Lenovo M91p with i7 and 32GB RAM
Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
Maybe it's just me but the first thing I would do is clean all the fans , heatsinks and vents.
That was one of the first things I did, along with runnnig memtest. No other applications are affected, only terminal emulators. Haven't seen any sign of unusual processes running in the background either.
Did it start right after a kernel update ?
The problem may have started after a kernel update but I can' be sure. It's been going on for a while and it recently became more of an annoyance.

In the last couple of days, the problem hasn't come up.
Kernel 5.3 has caused some odd behaviour. If you have it you could revert to 4.15 as a test.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
I'm still on 4.15 with this system, only had the usual security updates.
It's been several days since I've had the problem and I've been using the terminal quite heavily, almost living in it.

I don't think was anything hardware or softtware related, but user error. I usually use Ctrl+D to exit an SSH session or exit the terminal. It's quite easy to type Crrl+S by mistake which turns off keyboard input to the terminal. Crrl+Q restores it. I've been more mindful of my keystrokes lately.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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