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Hmmm......M$ are at it again
Has anyone any views or concerns on this?
At this point over reaction.

For starters MS can't kill the essence of Linux.  The worse case scenario is Linux is forked into another OS.  Linux is GPL'ed and don't forget that.  This is not something MS can take over as they have in the past.

Now can MS try to influence Linux? Sure.  However so does Facebook, Google, Oracle, IBM, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc, etc.  MS is making a lot of money off Linux (billions with Azure).  Plus some at MS actually run Linux.

Look many of us want Linux to become more mainstream.  This is part of the process.  As one gets bigger one attracts more attention.

That video is the sky is falling.  Blah blah blah.

I don't think MS should be ignored, however this is true with any company or project.  "Good" projects can over time be hijacked and/or have leadership changes.  Well so can "bad" projects.  These things aren't static.  I mean look at Google.  They used to be more open proponents and now look at them.

I personally find what MS is doing as expanding Linux's reach.  This will allow more people to make programs that can run on Linux and bring more interest into the platform.  If companies like Adobe are ever going to make Linux apps they need to see other big companies working on Linux.  Also it isn't like MS can just force this on everyone.

At this point in time the biggest threat IMO to Linux is Intel.  If we can't have secure processors (and hardware) nothing built on it really matters.

So let's take a deep breath, remain calm, enjoy Linux, and just keep an eye on what happens before running around with our hair on fire yelling the world is ending and all hope is lost.

Companies are NOT monolithic.  Over time things change as the people in them change.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

* Desktop: Ubuntu MATE
* Windows are for your walls, Apple is for your health, Linux is for your computer
Thank you for your calm and measured response Jeremy. I did not watch the video but it's easy to guess at its content.
Cliff Coggin
Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
Jeremy, I agree with you a 100%. I would never run Windows on Linux!! You mentioned Intel and I am thinking of ordering System76's new AMD Ryzen.  
I think it would make a nice computer. If it's as good as my Bonobo has been that will be great.
Butch Owens
Bonobo System 76
@cliffcoggin: Thanks.

@Butch Owens: As it stands today AMD Ryzen all the way.  AMD isn't prefect but they have far fewer security and platform design issues than Intel.  I am not so sure about the GPUs.  There are many issues with the Navi line and I personally go back and forth on that one.  I so want to go Navi but those driver issues are making it hard.  Still for CPU it is a no brainer: AMD period (for now at least).

I was very glad to see System 76 finally release a system with Ryzen.  Finally!  Intel can go pound bits and bytes IMO.  Over priced, high heat, security riddled CPUs and chipsets.
Jeremy (Mr. Server)

* Desktop: Ubuntu MATE
* Windows are for your walls, Apple is for your health, Linux is for your computer

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