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John Robertson
I used Joe Collins "Moving to a new / home" post, finally worked after many attempts. I am newbie to Linux but trying to learn. I couldn't find any exact instructions on saving  sudo nano fstab changes except Ctrl+O. I did this nothing seemed to happen. Screen didn't go away or change, showed no indication that the change was saved. After several attempts, not aware that a reboot was necessary for changes to be saved. Once I did the reboot instead of starting over each time, the process worked fine. Now that my /home is finally on a 2nd larger HDD and the old home on the SSD but empty the desktop and tray icons no longer work for the old empty home folder. I was able to hide them from the desktop. Is there any way to change or create a icon that will represent the location of the new moved home folder on the 2nd hard drive?  Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.

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