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Debian Testing
Howdy Y'all, from the Great State of Texas!

For almost two years, I have used Fedora, and I still do. I like the "it is what it is" plane-jane and blank slate that it is. It uses a vanilla gnome DE, and things are a little newer, and I can customize it to my tastes. A sound system in form and function, and it works for my quantitative work in academics. 

As one should, I back everything up in a cloud and on removable, and plowing the distro and installing another is not a huge problem. In the last month, I wanted to do a little exploring. I wanted to check out the new Ubuntu LTS and a few others because I will not say "Fedora and no other!" I started using Linux around the release of Ubuntu 18.04, and it was cool, but it did not have the right wiggle for me, and I hopped. Snaps never bothered me, nor have some of the other issues that bother others, but I was new and wanted to see the sights. I installed the new Ubuntu for a few days, but I wanted to try Debian Testing. It takes a little more doing because it is like installing the OS twice. 

I tried Debian Testing out, and I liked it. It seemed solid like Fedora, running the newer versions of things but with APT, and none of the Snap vs. Flatpak thing that Fedora and Ubuntu are fighting over. I can use both if I want. I want the right idea about it, and I wanted to get input from minds greater than mine and those that have been around the Linux block a few more times. I like the idea of Debian, but I also know that I do not trust myself installing Arch yet. Still, I do manually go in and alter partitions when installing a distro (not fully manual partitioning, but getting there).

PS: if someone could help me install SnapD on Fedora correctly, so I do not get error messages when I install a snap, I would be grateful for your assistance. 

Snaps install (and they seem to work), but I get a message that says that they did not install fully, and I need to reboot. I reboot every time, but it is the same story, and I followed the directions on the Snap site to the letter. It does not clear anything up, and I searched for the error, but it seems like I am the only person on earth that has this exact problem (even though I know that thousands of others do as well). The "stack sites" are valid for a lot of things, but they seem to all miss it on this one, and the answers make no sense at all.
Retlaw, the other soldier A.

(Numbers 6:24-26)
Please, not all at once!

I love the sense of community here!
Retlaw, the other soldier A.

(Numbers 6:24-26)

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