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[Solved] Xubuntu 20.04 No "Open as Root" in Thunar 1.8.14
I'm currently running Xubuntu 20.04. 
Thunar 1.8.14

As far as I can tell I'm doing everything right and yet I can not get "Open as Root" to appear in the right click menu.  Any Ideas?

I followed the Instructions here:

and here

I went to Edit --> Custom Actions --> Add

Name:  Open as Root
Description:  Opens current folder with root permissions.
Command:  pkexec thunar %f

Then I added an Icon.  Then I tried another Icon.  Then I tried to add sudo to the command.  Then I even tried logging out and back in, and finally a full reboot.
You have to go to the tab called "Appearance Conditions" and place checkmarks in some or all of the six boxes.


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