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You tube vids with system emulator
This is a pretty simple request to Joe.
I have enjoyed and benefited from the you tube vids, and just watched "How to Add a Hard Drive to a Linux System" for example. But when Joe mixes in chat about the system emulator, I get very confused about what applies to me, since I will not be using a system emulator. If possible, if the vid could be produced so that the emulator isn't part of the explanation, is as invisible as possible, I would be able to follow the explanation much more easily. I get it that actually building a system to show us how to do a thing is much more work, and why Joe wants to use the emulator. That's fine. But please try to cut out the emulator stuff, so we don't know that you/he used the emulator! I know production is work, but I do guess it would be a better video. Thank you very much!
What's an emulator?


Just watched the video and I'm confused also...Joe seems to be creating a Virtual Machine...which isn't what the title suggests.   [Image: smileys-confused-389931.gif]

If I were to Add a Storage Drive to my Linux System (Desktop)...I would slide the HDD or SSD into the Drive Bay... connect it to the Motherboard.

Restart the Computer...go to...Menu...type...Disk and select it...this brings up the Disk Manager.  Your new Drive will be shown on the left side at the it and click the two little cogs and choose...Format Partition. 

You can choose either NTFS or EXT4 and wait till's easy...and welcome to the Forum. [Image: smileys-thumbs-315757.gif]
Linux Forever...Windoze Never       [Image: t12701.gif]

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