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A Curious Thing Happened in ZFS Yesterday
After viewing Joe's recent U-Tube about ZFS in Ubuntu 20.04, I began looking through my two virtual Ubuntu machines that run the ZFS file system---one is 19.10, the other 20.04. Neither seemed to have the Zsys feature that Joe demonstrated on his 20.04 machine, the feature that automatically creates a snapshot of the system each time you run a "sudo apt ...(anything)" command in the terminal. HEY! What gives? I have to manually create any snapshots my two machines make.

I installed both the 19.10 and the 20.04 machines months before the release dates, and played with them as the developers developed them. The literature I have read says that, when updated with the most current updates, the development machine is identical to the final released machine---there is no need to reinstall it upon final release. Not true!. I downloaded and installed 20.04 yesterday as a new virtual machine, and guess what? That machine has the Zsys automatic snapshot feature.


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